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July 3rd 2022

Berlin announced as Laver Cup 2024 host city

Berlin has been named as host city for the Laver Cup in 2024, following a comprehensive and competitive bidding process. Hosting this outstanding tennis event in Berlin demonstrates the international appeal of this sports metropolis.

June 15th 2022

Berlin hosts the world

Berlin’s popularity continues to grow apace. Today’s Berlin attracts 5 million visitors to its hotels and guest houses and belongs to the exclusive league of cities with 12 million overnight stays a year.

June 15th 2022

Quartier Heidestrasse celebrates: construction of QH ColoBuilding nnades and QH Straight finished

Architecture for the head and eyes: Urbane and secure for the future

June 10th 2022

Siemensstadt Square - Berlin's district of the future

With Siemensstadt Square, Siemens, together with the city of Berlin and the district of Spandau, is developing an open urban district of the future that combines work, research and life.

June 10th 2022

The Congress Capital

Berlin takes top ICCA ranking With 176 association conventions, Berlin is currently ranked fourth in the highly competitive European congress market.

June 9th 2022

Berlin Airport Prepares for Busy Summer as EasyJet, Eurowings, Others Add Routes

Berlin is gearing up for a hot vaxxed summer this year. Covid restrictions have eased and the city’s long-delayed new airport Berlin Brandenburg is finally fully operational, and that has prompted a wave of new air service even with the Ukraine war raging just several hundred miles away.

June 9th 2022

Elon Musk breaks out the dance moves as he opens new Tesla factory in Germany

Elon Musk officially opened Tesla’s first manufacturing facility in Europe as the company looks to take pressure off its other factories in the U.S. and China. Musk was seen dancing as he presided over the delivery of Tesla’s first German-made cars to 30 clients and their families at the carmaker’s 5 billion euro ($5.5 billion) plant.

April 24th 2021

Welcome to BER

Nearly a decade late, Berlin's Brandenburg Airport finally opens (during a pandemic)

April 24th 2021

Berlin Overtakes London as Startup Heatmap’s Top European Location

The German capital is number one in Startup Heatmap’s annual survey of Europe’s best cities for fledgling companies.

April 22nd 2021

Tesla's Berlin gigafactory will accelerate shift to electric cars

Tesla's surprise announcement that it will build its fourth gigafactory near Berlin hit Germany's car industry like a bombshell. "Berlin rocks!"

April 21st 2021

Berlin rent cap overturned by Germany's top court

Germany's constitutional court has decided that the Berlin rent cap violates Germany's constitution. The cap was one of the most-debated laws in the country.

April 20th 2021

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe - Berlin top city to invest in 2021 according to the experts

Berlin has moved up one place to retake the number 1 spot, toppling Paris, which drops to third

April 19th 2021

World cities prime residential forecasts 2021

Berlin is a No 1 city in Europe in terms of expected capital growth in 2021

March 10th 2020

Tesla will open a European design center in Germany, in addition to US & China

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that Tesla intends to open a product design center in Europe

March 10th 2020

Frankfurt - european financial centre and modern metropolis

Frankfurt am Main, the biggest city in the German federal state of Hesse, has a centuries-old tradition as a location for academia and research

March 5th 2020

10 Interesting Facts About Germany

Despite the fact that Germany is the seventh most visited country in the world, it tends to be known by non-Europeans for its sound economy and reliability as a place to do business rather than an interesting country in its own right

March 3rd 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Groundbreaking Ceremony Later This Month

Elon Musk will be attending the Giga Berlin groundbreaking ceremony later this month

February 28th 2020

Frankfurt is Europe’s New Data Centre Capital (with Little Sign of Hyperscale Self-Builds)

Frankfurt is Europe’s new data centre king: topping rankings for co-location facility take-up for the first time, as measured by megawatt (MW) capacity.

February 27th 2020

Cost of Living in Berlin

Summary about cost of living in Berlin

February 25th 2020

10 fun facts about the Berlin TV tower

Berlin’s most recognisable landmark is the spikey TV Tower, or Fernsehturm in German

February 24th 2020

German Visitors Love Berlin

Berlin’s tourism sector starts 2020 with a growth of 3.8 % in the number of overnight stays

February 23rd 2020

German cities struggle to curb housing shortage

For years Germany's real estate market has been plagued by a housing shortage, particularly in big cities. A new study says that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Prices will remain high, but there is a silver lining

February 21st 2020

10 things you need to know about German apartments

In Germany, you may need to bring your own kitchen - and paintbrush - when renting an apartment. In a country with one of the highest rental rates in Europe, a rich and sometimes quirky rental culture has developed.

February 19th 2020

Frankfurt to get another 2,000 banking jobs amid Brexit fallout in 2020

Frankfurt has attracted the majority of the large international banks looking for a post-Brexit hub in continental Europe and is expected to see a further influx of banking jobs over the next few years

February 19th 2020

What To Know if You Are Moving to Berlin

If you are dreaming about how to move to Berlin, you are probably not alone

February 18th 2020

7 facts most you don’t know about Berlin

Are you an expert on Berlin? Think you know everything there is to know about Germany’s capital city? A large portion of Berlin’s population are transplants from other regions of Germany and other nations, so there’s a lot of competition for knowing all there is to know about this dynamic, bustling city.

February 14th 2020

TrabiWorld with Trabi-Safari

Drive around Berlin like a local and see it from a new angle

February 12th 2020

The fall and rise of Berlin’s property market

Demand for property is outstripping supply in Germany’s resurgent capital

February 12th 2020

German start-ups enjoy record breaking €6.2 billion windfall

German start-ups are facing boom times. According to a new study by EY, growing interest in innovation from corporates coupled with a vigorous appetite for investments from financial investors is behind a record breaking year for Germany’s start-up scene

February 9th 2020

Neukölln - the coolest neighbourhood in Berlin

Even a decade or so ago, Neukölln, in south-east Berlin, was something of a backwater – a no-man’s-land beyond the trendy centre

February 6th 2020

Berlin considers annual public transport ticket for 1€ per day

The annual public transport ticket for Berlin should cost €365 like it does in the Austrian capital Vienna, according to mayor Michael Müller.

February 5th 2020

11 Fashion Lessons You Learn When Living In Berlin

If there is a fashion city in Germany, it is undoubtedly Berlin

February 3rd 2020

Studying and Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the smallest but most compact metropolis in the world; it has people from all over the world traveling in for business, the advantage of miraculous tranquility within a rush hour and the perks of offering its citizens an extravagant lifestyle

February 2nd 2020

5 of the best districts to visit in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is known as a financial hub yet the city offers plenty of intriguing districts

January 30th 2020

Why Is Berlin the Capital of Germany?

Germany had an interesting 20th century to say the least, but today has emerged as the largest economy in Europe, and the 4th largest economy in the world

January 30th 2020

10 simple reasons why living in Germany is truly awesome

The top ten things that make life in Germany so wonderful

January 29th 2020

Sustainability at the Berlinale

The 2020 Berlinale will once again feature numerous events focussing on the topic of sustainability at Berlinale Talents, the World Cinema Fund, the EFM and the various festival sections

January 27th 2020

Is Germany the World’s Most Innovative Country?

The latest Bloomberg Innovation Index is out (2020 edition), and Germany has risen to first place, breaking South Korea’s six-year winning streak

January 26th 2020

Berlin Drives Record Investment in German Startups in 2019

German startups raised a record 6.2 billion euros ($6.9 billion) in financing in 2019, up by more than a third on the previous year and with more than half flowing to the booming capital of Berlin

January 23rd 2020

German real estate prices will continue to skyrocket, experts predict

Even after 10 years of boom, prices are continuing to rise in the German housing market. Despite dire warnings of a volatile housing bubble that is liable to burst, the trend seems to be continuing unabated.

January 22nd 2020

A little history of what Germans drink and why

A drink is more than just a drink - it's also culture, history and tradition.So why do Germans pick wine over beer? And how come beer used to be healthier than water?

January 21st 2020

Why There’s No Room for Startups in Berlin

Office space is in dangerously short supply for attractive startup cities like Berlin

January 20th 2020

How Germany is preparing for the rise of the electric car

Electric cars and hybrids are a major part of Germany's climate policy

January 19th 2020

Frankfurt considers greenery on bus stops

The German city has been inspired by a project first developed in Utrecht

January 16th 2020

Frankfurt - the fast growing luxury real estate market

The Financial Times reports that Frankfurt is one of the cities benefiting from institutions leaving the UK amid Brexit. FT reports that as of January, nearly 25 UK-based banks have moved from London to Frankfurt.

January 15th 2020

Germany's property prices jump amid low interest rate

German property prices jumped in the third quarter as record-low borrowing costs and housing shortages continued to push up demand for apartments in urban areas, data showed on Monday.

January 14th 2020

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe survey for 2020 - Berlin is a hot market!

Berlin still is one of the best cities to invest in real estate in Europe according to the experts

January 12th 2020

15 Wacky Jobs You Can Only Have in Berlin

Every city has its perks, quirks and I heart shirts. Considering how free and liberal Berlin is, it should come as no surprise that this city has its own box full of wacky and laughable jobs that are unique to this city alone. Here’s our pick of the quirkiest jobs in town

January 10th 2020

What is Berlin's standing in the fashion world?

The German economy is Europe's largest, and Berlin Fashion Week remains a relevant event for brands expanding into the market

January 9th 2020

Tesla's GF4 is trailblazing a potential exodus of automakers to Brandenburg

The German state of Brandenburg is seemingly becoming the target of several auto manufacturers after Tesla announced its plans to build its Gigafactory 4 facility in the region

January 8th 2020

Top-Rated Tourist Destinations in Germany

Germany has many small cities, places of historical interest, attractive geographical locations, and collections of forests. All these places are great for a German holiday. Whether you are a history buff, a lover of nature, or a fanatic of different cultures, you should be able to enjoy a vacation in this country

January 2nd 2020

Residential property prices in Germany jump amid cheap ECB money

German property prices jumped in the third quarter as record-low borrowing costs and housing shortages continued to push up demand for apartments in urban areas

December 31st 2019

Why on earth do Germans call New Year's Eve Silvester?

Why do Germans call New Year's Eve Silvester? And what's with all the mustard-filled doughnuts, firecrackers, and melted lead?

December 18th 2019

The next silicon valley won’t be in the US

Top-line analyses of Tech investment often focus on the three major cities

December 17th 2019

Driving in Berlin

Driving is a perfect pastime for anyone who love vehicles. Therefore, if you are an expat, you need to be able to drive around to get the ultimate experience of living in Berlin

December 16th 2019

Klarna to open Tech Hub in Berlin

Sweden-based payment provider Klarna has announced its plans to open a tech hub for more than 500 employees in Berlin in 2020

December 15th 2019

Why rents in Germany will continue to rise in 2020

It’s bad news for tenants across Germany as experts predict the cost of renting will continue to climb next year – and not only in big cities.

December 12th 2019

Germany's house price growth accelerates

Germany’s housing market remains robust, with the average price of apartments rising strongly by 9.46% during the year to Q3 2019, an improvement from last year’s 5.15% growth

December 11th 2019

'Nope, no joke': Berlin Transport Authority applies for World Heritage status

The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) wants to be included in a list which includes the Taj Mahal in India and Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes mountains: UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

December 10th 2019

Berlin breaks ground on a new museum for 20th-century art

Despite controversy over its high price tag and unpopular design, the construction of Berlin's new Museum of Modern Art has begun. Set to open in 2026, it aims to put Berlin back on the map as the art hub it once was.

December 10th 2019

Frankfurt as an Expat Destination

Frankfurt, one of the leading cities for business combined together with rich culture and innovative technology.

December 9th 2019

More than business: Why Frankfurt is an ideal city to live and work in

Frankfurt is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities yet can’t shake off an unfair reputation as a dull finance centre

December 5th 2019

How to identify your German tax ID – Steuernummer, Steueridentifikationsnummer and VAT number

The tax system in Germany features various identification numbers. These include the tax number (Steuernummer), the tax ID (Steueridentifikationsnummer), and the VAT number (Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer). This guide will tell you exactly what these numbers mean and how you can get the right German tax ID for you.

December 4th 2019

The best expat cities in Germany, according to expats

An annual city ranking has revealed how expats rate life in 82 cities around the world, including seven cities in Germany. While Aachen has once again been named the best city for expats in Germany

December 3rd 2019

The Truth Behind the JFK "Jelly Doughnut" Myth

Did President John F. Kennedy make a major German blunder in his famous "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech at the Berlin Wall in 1963?

December 2nd 2019

Ten reasons Berlin's start-up scene rocks

The job market - A new start-up is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin and the industry is set to produce 100,000 new jobs by 2020. If you're looking to get a tech job, Berlin could be your way in

December 1st 2019

New Berlin airport to finally open next October

Germany's Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is set to finally be operational on October 31, 2020

November 28th 2019

In era of change, Frankfurt poised to claim global finance crown

With Brexit roiling London, ECB home Frankfurt well placed to steal its crown as world financial hub

November 27th 2019

Nearly 1,800 people turn up for single flat viewing in Berlin

How difficult is it to find a reasonably priced flat to rent in Berlin? Well, there's a lot of competition out there as this mass viewing shows.

November 26th 2019

Berlin is the city’s thriving tech scene

Berlin is the most populous city within Europe’s largest economy; its business, industry, and technology sectors are all thriving

November 24th 2019

Berlin is most dynamic city in Germany

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the capital took first place in terms of dynamism

November 21st 2019

Living in Frankfurt

Frankfurt – the financial centre of the continent, the European city, the transport hub, the smallest metropolis in the world.

November 20th 2019

Tips for Christmas markets in Berlin

Which market suits you best? Berlin's Christmas markets open from early November to spread festive cheer throughout the city.

November 18th 2019

German Banking Giant Moves Trades From London to Frankfurt Ahead of Brexit

An intermediary for German savings banks has moved some of its trades from London to Frankfurt

November 17th 2019

Tesla factory outside Berlin to cost €4 billion

New details have emerged about Tesla's plans for a brand-new "Gigafactory" outside of Berlin. The massive project is set to bring thousands of jobs to the area, with construction slated to begin in early 2020.

November 15th 2019

Why Germany needs more international students

Almost 10% of Germany's university students are foreign, with most coming from China and India. But are they well integrated? Financial shortfalls and a xenophobic far-right are just some challenges universities face.

November 11th 2019

How The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Sparked A Property Boom

Housing prices in Central Berlin have skyrocketed by 400% since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989

November 6th 2019

The Most Beautiful Places in Berlin

Berlin’s not exactly known for being beautiful, perhaps because street art and derelict buildings are something of an acquired taste, and decades of division, wars, and David Hasselhoff concerts have left their scars. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find that within this city's diverse streets lie some truly astonishing sights. Here are some of the most downright, unforgettably beautiful.

November 6th 2019

Berlin: A double take

The division of Berlin until the fall of the Wall in 1989 meant that many things in the city were doubled: two zoos, two television towers, two main avenues. To the delight of tourists, they are still there today!

November 5th 2019

Angela Merkel wants one million car-charging points in Germany by 2030

In 2010, the German government stated its ambition to put one million electric cars on the streets of Germany by 2020. Today, there are under 100,000 e-cars on the roads, and just over 20,000 charging stations.

November 3rd 2019

Sustainable Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city of contradictions. On one hand, it’s a cosmopolitan, modern metropolis: Germany’s financial capital, with one of Europe’s largest international airports, 14 of Germany’s 15 tallest skyscrapers and a dense, racially diverse population. On the other hand, it’s also home to one of the world’s largest urban forests, and the largest inner-city forest in Germany: the Stadtwald, or ‘city forest’.

November 1st 2019

What Berlin’s top VCs want to invest in right now

Berlin rose as one of Europe’s leading startup hubs over the last decade, featuring unicorns N26, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh, and Auto1 Group. Berlin attracts developers from Eastern Europe and elsewhere into an international hub where English is the linga franca among startups and costs are noticeably lower than in London or Paris.

October 30th 2019

Global Switch Joins Chinese Partners In Opening New €115m Frankfurt Data Centre

Global Switch will be opening its second data centre in Frankfurt, Germany next month in partnership with China Telecom Global and Daily-Tech, a developer and operator of data centre infrastructure across China

October 28th 2019

6 Important Things You Should Know About German Hospitals, Doctors and Healthcare

The German health care system is funded by statutory contributions to ensure free health for all citizens. Health insurance is mandatory by law and all residents in Germany have access to the healthcare system through public health insurance, however, depending on your income level and working status, private health insurance could be less expensive and more beneficial.

October 25th 2019

Berlin – Mitte

The Mitte district in Berlin is probably the most interesting place in the whole of Europe when it comes to recent history

October 23rd 2019

One percent of Germans 'own 30 percent of country's wealth', new study reveals

Germany now has 2.2 million millionaires, which equates to 16% of the total number from Europe

October 22nd 2019

Understanding Germany’s Food Culture

The water in Germany is perfectly drinkable and clean from the tap. And yet it is nearly universally avoided by the population. Fizzy water is the “standard” water in Germany. If you order it at a restaurant, be prepared to ask for “Still” if you don’t want bubbles. This fizzy water is so common in fact, that they mix it will other things to make new drinks. The term for that is Schorle.

October 18th 2019

Everything you need to know about running the Berlin marathon

The fast, flat marathon is known for its record-breaking history

October 15th 2019

Berlin: A city bathed in light

Two light air festivals are currently illuminating many buildings and landmarks in Berlin. "Lights of Freedom": 11th - 20th of October 2019

October 13th 2019

Germany, land of the car, develops taste for electric cargo bikes

Think tricycles for the age of global warming: A rising number of environmentally conscious Germans are buying electric cargo bikes, which last year outsold electric cars in a country known for its love of the combustion engine.

October 10th 2019

20 Interesting Facts about Germany

Germany is the second most popular expat destination in the world

October 9th 2019

Why Berlin Is Europe's Best Place To Live, Work And Buy Real Estate

There is a new buzz in the Berlin air. The grim, wounded city once cast adrift in the ocean of Communist Germany has now turned into a thriving global capital that draws investors, companies and a talented workforce from across the world.

October 8th 2019

Six signs autumn has arrived in Germany

The weather is unpredictable, you’re seeing lots of kites and you’re eating pumpkin soup. Yes, Herbst is here.

October 6th 2019

Studying & PhD – most asked questions

German universities are among the highest ranking in the world – right below a few of the American Ivy League and prestigious British universitie

October 3rd 2019

SAP in Berlin: Investing Millions for Digital Campus

Businesses are investing in SAP solutions to boost their operations which contributed to making SAP a leader in the supply chain management systems market. But, on another note, SAP has been investing a lot to contribute.

October 2nd 2019

Why Berlin is the City of Dreams

Professionals from all over the world are forging new futures in Berlin. Find out why.

October 2nd 2019

Residential property prices in Germany up 5.2 pct YoY

In the second quarter of 2019, residential property prices in Germany were 5.2 percent higher than in the same period a year earlier, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) said on Tuesday.

September 30th 2019

Germany's Completely Car-Free Bicycle Highway

The bicycle autobahn will connect 10 cities, and four universities, when finished.

September 27th 2019

The pros and cons of expat life in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, located in South West Germany and sitting on the Main river, is only the 5th largest city in Germany. But don’t be fooled by its size: the metropolis, also known as Mainhattan, is one of the most important economic centers of the world

September 25th 2019

German court rules that hangovers are officially an 'illness'

Hangovers have been ruled as an “illness” by a court in Frankfurt, Germany, with the unusual judgment coming only days after the annual Oktoberfest beer festival.

September 23rd 2019

What To See And Do In Berlin’s Grunewald Forest

Initially a refuge for the rich at the turn of the 20th century, the Grunewald Forest now holds something for everyone. From dog lovers to history buffs to outdoor sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, this forest in southwest Berlin packs a lot to be discovered within its 3,000-hectare surface area.

September 22nd 2019

Berlin’s Take on a High-Tech ‘Smart City’ Could Be Different

The German company Siemens is launching an ambitious adaptive reuse project to revitalize its historic corporate campus, with a modern data-collecting twist

September 19th 2019

Global property prices - Europe dominates as Berlin leads the way

Property prices in 46 prime global cities grew by 1.4% during Q2 2019. The consultancy’s Prime Global Cities Index shows that price growth increased from the previous quarter but remains below the four-year average of 3.8%.

September 16th 2019

Berlin’s Fintech Wealth Is Attracting at Least One Private Bank

Berlin’s vibrant startup scene is creating a new generation of wealthy entrepreneurs who are increasingly looking for advice on how to manage their money.

September 15th 2019

House prices in Germany's biggest cities up 40,8 percent since 2015

The German housing market has exploded in recent years: residential property prices have risen by an average of 22 percent since 2015. The increase is sharpest in Germany’s biggest cities, where prices have gone up by an average of 40,8 percent in the same period. It has never been so expensive to buy a house in Germany

September 12th 2019

Salt could be the future of renewable energy

Phasing out nuclear, coal and gas is an ambitious undertaking for a heavily industrialized country such as Germany

September 11th 2019

Frankfurt: New residential projects opening 'Mainhattan' to overseas investors

One of Europe's most productive and livable cities, Frankfurt am Main offers double-digit price growth for property investment

September 10th 2019

Germany's booming construction sector lifts sales forecast

Germany’s construction sector on Tuesday raised its outlook and now sees revenue growth of almost 9% in 2019, in a sign that the boom continues for one of the remaining growth drivers in Europe’s biggest economy’s as its manufacturing falters.

September 10th 2019

Germany: Draft bill to ban plastic bags on the way

The use of plastic bags is on the decline in Germany, but the 64% decrease since 2015 doesn't go far enough for Environment Minister Svenja Schulze. Her department has drafted a bill to ban them completely.

September 5th 2019

Cost of student housing rising in Germany - these cities are still cheap

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, but students here are increasingly having to content themselves with smaller and smaller rooms in exchange for more and more money.

September 4th 2019

How is life in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt "means business." It's where you find the banks of the world, the European Central Bank, and where the big fairs and conferences go.

September 3rd 2019

Thirty Years After Fall of Berlin Wall, a Citywide Celebration

A week-long arts festival will feature concerts, immersive exhibitions, art installations, panel discussions and more

September 2nd 2019

Nine things you should do in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an endlessly fascinating city - here are 9 of the best things to do.

September 2nd 2019

Germany International Student Statistics 2019

Germany is becoming a very popular study destination standing alongside the US, the UK, Canada and Australia

August 29th 2019

Berlin's flourishing real estate markets attract new investors

As the Cold War came to a close in 1990, few would have predicted the great economic divide separating East and West Germany could ever be bridged, let alone in such a short space of time. Today, however, the eastern states of the now-unified country can offer prosperity to their citizens, and opportunity to their entrepreneurs.

August 28th 2019

Germany's house price growth accelerates

House prices up 8.21% y-o-y in Q2 2019

August 27th 2019

Berlin’s districts: Colorful neighborhood life

Berlin is home to twelve “cities”: twelve districts with twelve different mentalities that complement each other well

August 27th 2019

Why Frankfurt Is The Aviation Capital Of Germany

Frankfurt is Europe’s fourth busiest airport. However, Frankfurt is a good 400km from Berlin, the capital city of its host country. With this in mind, Simple Flying decided to look into what makes Frankfurt Airport Germany’s aviation capital.

August 22nd 2019

5 Things To Do During Your First Week In Germany

In this article, you will find which registrations are required by law on your arrival in Germany, a few tips on how to indulge in the German traditions and interact with new people.

August 21st 2019

The Best And Worst Places In The World To Own Luxury Properties

Berlin is the city with the highest growth for prices of luxury real estate in the world, new data shows.

August 20th 2019

Can Germany Overtake The UK As The No 1 Fintech Location In Europe?

The UK has long been a world leader when it comes to fintech, but uncertainties surrounding Brexit, and the rapid rise of fintech hubs across continental Europe, have pushed the financial services industry to consider alternatives and prepare for the worst case scenario.

August 18th 2019

Berlin tests driverless buses

There's no steering wheel, no driver and no charge: Self-driving buses will trial in traffic in Berlin until the end of 2019.

August 15th 2019

6 Reasons Why Berlin Is An Artist's Hot Spot

Over the last 20 years, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, tens of thousands of artists from all genres have flocked to the city.

August 13th 2019

A city on the rise

Frankfurt is just one of three German cities to be ranked in the top 10 for quality of life. It’s known for being the financial capital of Germany meaning there are a lot of well-paid jobs available, but it also has so much more to offer

August 12th 2019

Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show is organised by the German Association of the Automotive Industry, and naturally it is the main event for the biggest German can manufacturers.

August 8th 2019

Berliners get hot al fresco for BBQ season

In summer, charcoal fumes and the spit and crackle of grilled meat are as much a part of Berlin as the Berghain club or the Brandenburg Gate. DW's Jefferson Chase investigates Berlin's smoldering BBQ culture.

August 7th 2019

Berlin U-bahn is finally getting fast internet

Berlin underground gets an internet update

August 6th 2019

How Berlin became the capital of cool

Affordable, buzzing, open and tolerant, it’s no wonder Germany’s largest city has taken the crown from London, says Mark Frary

August 5th 2019

Dogs in Berlin

About a 100.000 dogs are officially registered as living in Berlin, the real number is probably twice as high. And it makes sense, Berlin is, all in all, a quite dog-friendly city, especially compared to other cities of its size and influence.

August 3rd 2019

Berlin makes public transport free for all school students

The aim is to lower transportation costs for families and decrease emissions by encouraging young people to use public transport The transport association of Berlin and Brandenburg (VBB) has introduced two new types of tickets.

August 1st 2019

German cities struggle to curb housing shortage

For years Germany's real estate market has been plagued by a housing shortage, particularly in big cities. A new study says that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Prices will remain high, but there is a silver lining.

July 31st 2019

These are the 15 most romantic towns to visit in Germany

Every year millions of tourists flock to big cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But for anyone seeking something a little more picturesque and authentic, here are 15 of the most romantic towns and small cities in Germany.

July 30th 2019

The Beginning of German University as a Foreign Student

Students studying in Germany must have enrolled officially with their university prior to the start of term. A certificate known as a “Immatrikulationsbescheinigung” will be issued to officiate the enrolment.

July 29th 2019

What you need to know about Berlin's turbulent housing market

Whether for buying or renting, Berlin has one of the most quickly growing - and diverse - property markets in the world. Here's what housing experts predict the capital will see in the future.

July 29th 2019

Berlin Brandenburg airport 'on track' to open in October 2020

After several years of delays, the controversial Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) will open next fall following a last series technical tests, said its CEO Lütke Daldrup

July 25th 2019

Telephone Tips for Germany

In many European nations, including Austria, Switzerland and Germany, you know how high the price of making a phone call can be, especially when it comes to international calls.

July 24th 2019

New city-to-city partnership for start-up business to drive property demand

London and Berlin have announced a new city-to-city partnership to strengthen trade and investments between the two capitals and support start-up businesses.

July 23rd 2019

German word of the day: Der Schattenparker

Always thought that parking your car in the shade was the best thing to do? The German language seems to disagree.

July 22nd 2019

Exploring Berlin like a Local

As the capital and largest city in Germany, Berlin is constantly changing and trying out new hats.

July 18th 2019



July 17th 2019

Chinese investors find a captive rental market among fellow mainlanders for their German residential properties

Chinese executives are buying property in Germany to rent to fellow employees relocating to Europe’s top economy, but it is only a matter of time before mainland companies invest themselves, mimicking the likes of Facebook and Google to attract and retain talent, say market observers.

July 16th 2019

Bonn and Berlin first in Germany to have 5G coverage

Deutsche Telekom announced that their customers in some parts of Bonn and Berlin will now be able to access their brand new 5G network

July 15th 2019

11 reasons why you should study in Germany?

Germany is one of the most popular destinations among international students in the world and holds the top spot for international students in the EU as of 2018. More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad – you could be one of them!

July 14th 2019

The Berlin

Savour the ever-evolving culture scene and innovations in art, design and fashion in the German capital.

July 11th 2019

12 weird German phrases we should all be using

German is one of the 10 most widely-spoken languages in the world, and an official language in several countries in Western Europe, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein.

July 11th 2019

Revolut opens tech hub in Berlin

Fintech startup Revolut is opening a small tech hub in Berlin. There’s already a ton of fintech talent in the city, as it’s the hometown of N26.

July 9th 2019

Berlin Art Week

Taking place September 11—15, 2019 Berlin Art Week invites an international audience to a varied programme of fairs, exhibitions, urban interventions, award ceremonies, and special events to new and familiar places, making Berlin an international meeting point for contemporary art.

July 8th 2019

This Unusual Subway Station Entrance in Frankfurt Looks Like a Tram Crashing into the Sidewalk

An unusual subway entrance in Frankfurt, Germany brings artistic architecture to street level

July 7th 2019

The Best Things To Do In Berlin

Berlin is full of ancient history and possibly the darkest modern history, so that the choice you have when embarking on a day in the city is: Which epoch would you most like to visit? There are innumerable choices, and hilarious ones to boot.

July 4th 2019

Things You Should Not Do While in Germany

Each and every country has its ethics, principles and traditions and these tend to guide you on what you should and should not do in that particular in country. Germany is home to many unique traits and has its own set of do’s and don’ts. The do’s are usually expected of you, however, if you do what you ‘should not’, more often than not, you will be frowned upon.

July 3rd 2019

Is Berlin fashion 'green' capital of the world?

Berlin may not hold the coveted title of being a fashion capital, but the city of hedonism and bricolage culture could be paving its way toward another fashion appellation - one of sustainability.

July 2nd 2019

House prices in Germany's biggest cities up 40,8 percent since 2015

The German housing market has exploded in recent years: residential property prices have risen by an average of 22 percent since 2015. The increase is sharpest in Germany’s biggest cities, where prices have gone up by an average of 40,8 percent in the same period. It has never been so expensive to buy a house in Germany.

July 1st 2019

Watch Out, Uber. Berlin Is The New Amazon For Transportation (With Lower Fares)

Uber is not alone in its bold plan to become a centralized digital marketplace for various modes of intra-city movement. Berlin's public transit system, the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), will also risk giving business away to competitors in the short term to become the Amazon of transportation in the long term.

June 30th 2019

What does Berlin have that NYC doesn't?

The legendary image of Berlin as a free-spirited domain where underground culture thrives has attracted a great number of expats. But some New Yorkers are coming to the city to find another type of freedom.

June 27th 2019

Set up a Company in Germany: A Complete Guide

Setting up a limited liability company in Germany is not a complicated process.To help you set up a company in Germany, we have created a simple checklist of all the requirements.

June 26th 2019

Germany's Completely Car-Free Bicycle Highway

The bicycle autobahn will connect 10 cities, and four universities, when finished.

June 24th 2019

Which German companies want to hire foreigners?

Which kind of German companies hire foreigners? And which should you target for your next career move? Career coach Chris Pyak explains.

June 22nd 2019

Higher education in Germany

To study abroad in Germany as an international student. Learn about the top German universities, required qualifications, how to apply, fees, scholarships, accommodation and student life and everything else you will need to study in Germany.

June 20th 2019

Education in Germany

Those moving to Germany can find the array of German schools overwhelming. This guide to German education will help you enrol your child into the German school system.

June 18th 2019

Relocating to Berlin? Discover 7 Things You Should Know

Like any other city, moving to Berlin has its challenges. In order to facilitate relocating to Berlin, we prepared 7 things every expat in Berlin should know, in order to adapt swiftly to their new home. Living in a foreign country can be exciting as it presents a chance for learning new culture and ideas.

June 17th 2019

Forbes Brings Its Under 30 Summit Europe To Berlin, Coinciding With 30th Anniversary Of Fall Of Berlin Wall

More than 1,000 of the world’s most successful and innovative young leaders will come together to learn, collaborate, and celebrate the power of entrepreneurial capitalism, 1-4 December at The Student Hotel, Berlin

June 13th 2019

Top 5 emerging fintech hubs

Fintech companies are bringing disruption to all segments of finance, from payments to wealth management. A number of cities are poised to unlock business opportunities as a result of this transformation.

June 12th 2019

The Largest Start-Up Ecosystem of the New Berlin

Tegel Airport, beloved for its efficient design and once used as part of the Berlin Airlift, will soon get a new life as a research campus.

June 11th 2019

Everything you need to know about having a pet in Germany

Whether you're bringing your furry friend from abroad or planning to adopt one, here are some key things you should know about having pets in Germany.

June 9th 2019

Deutsche Bank, UniCredit Start Brexit Swaps Move From London

Deutsche Bank AG and UniCredit SpA moved some of their swaps trades from London to Frankfurt in May as banks used a lull in the Brexit drama to prepare for the worst.

June 9th 2019

Google to open new Berlin office

The US tech giant has planned several hundred new jobs for the new office. Locals have rejected Google's previous plans for a start-up campus over concerns for their rent and livelihoods.

June 6th 2019

Berlin property market update: purchase prices and rents both on the rise

Purchase prices in Berlin’s property market are rising faster than expected, according to Black Label Properties.

June 6th 2019

Berlin bucks global trend as urban house price growth slows

Unique in its assessment of house price performance across 150 of the world’s cities, the latest results of our Global Residential Cities Index confirms the degree to which price growth moderated in 2017 says Kate Everett-Allen.

June 5th 2019

German Business Culture

Among the biggest challenges for an expat are starting a new job overseas and navigating international business relationships. There are many negative stereotypes regarding German business culture, such as arrogance and humourlessness. The reality is that the business culture in Germany has many advantages.

June 4th 2019

Berlin, a vibrant metropolis

“I am a Berliner” President Kennedy said in a symbolic show of solidarity with the walled-in city, and the line has become a popular historic quote associated with this fascinating German metropolis.

June 4th 2019

Germany extends electric car bonus to 2020, aims for 1 million EVs by 2022

Germany will extend in its current form for another year a bonus scheme to encourage people to buy electric cars, disappointing some officials who had called for a top-up of support payments.

June 2nd 2019

International students love Berlin! Here’s why

Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city. With many universities, its multicultural city life, diverse cultural offering, exciting startup scene, this bustling metropolis is one of the best places you can choose to study abroad. Want to learn more about what makes Berlin such an exciting university town?

June 2nd 2019

Language Schools in Frankfurt

If you happen to find yourself in the beautiful German city, Frankfurt, whether you are there for working, studying or simply as a resident, one particular skill will make your experience much more enjoyable is learning the German Language.

May 29th 2019

Germany builds 285,900 new dwellings, highest in 16 years

German builders completed nearly 285,900 new dwellings last year, the highest number since 2002, data showed on Wednesday, but construction still fell short of expectations and may not ease a drastic shortage of affordable housing

May 28th 2019

How to turn a polluted river into a pool

Berlin is known for its creativity and innovation. So it should come as no surprise that the hull of a recycled cargo ship doubles up as a cool poolside venue on the River Spree.

May 27th 2019

Carnival of Cultures

Berlin Celebrates its Multicultural Spirit

May 26th 2019

Berlin's rental market a nightmare to many

The German capital's rental market is undergoing dramatic changes. The amount of affordable apartments to rent is has been going down, and a trend reversal is not really in sight.

May 23rd 2019

Germany is second most popular location among top IT employees: Study

Germany is second only to the US as a potential country to work in for the world’s digital experts. That’s according to a study published by the Boston Consulting Group and the global job platform, The Network.

May 21st 2019

10 tips for the perfect summer in Berlin

A vibrant street life, lots of events, and a relaxed flair in summer in Berlin

May 20th 2019

Language Schools in Berlin & Why Learn German

Walking in the streets of Berlin, you’ll instantly hear many different languages spoken in the roads, proving that Germany is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

May 18th 2019

E-scooters get the green light on Germany's roads

Germany on Friday authorized battery-powered scooters on its streets and cycle paths but banned them from pavements to protect pedestrians as the two-wheeled craze continues to spread across Europe.

May 14th 2019

Daimler Plans to Make Its Cars Carbon Neutral by 2039

Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler AG has set the most ambitious target of any major automaker to cut its planet-warming emissions, promising a fully carbon-neutral fleet of passenger cars by 2039.

May 13th 2019

Germany's First ‘Electric’ Highway Charges Trucks as They Drive

Germany has opened the first stretch of a so-called electric highway that will connect hybrid trucks to overhead wires, allowing them to recharge while traveling on the country’s main transportation arteries.

May 12th 2019

Where to live in Berlin:apartments in the German capital's coolest areas cost from £215,000

Buy a cool flat in Berlin

May 10th 2019

DB plans half-hourly Hamburg – Berlin services from 2021

GERMAN Rail CEO Dr Richard Lutz announced on May 7 that half-hourly inter-city services will be launched on the Hamburg – Berlin route in December 2021 with six additional daily services and a 20% increase in seating capacity.

May 8th 2019

How Berlin became the capital of cool

Affordable, buzzing, open and tolerant, it’s no wonder Germany’s largest city has taken the crown from London, says Mark Frary

May 7th 2019

Frankfurt plans coffee cup deposit scheme to reduce waste

Plans are underway to introduce a city-wide reusable cup deposit system in Frankfurt. The overall aim is to reduce the immense number of disposable coffee cups that are thrown away each year in the German city.

May 6th 2019

Carnival of Cultures 2019

Celebrate the Carnival of Cultures together with visitors from all over the world: the most colourful multicultural festival in Berlin.

May 5th 2019

Construction begins on Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 3

As part of the new terminal, Pier G is scheduled for completion in 2021, with capacity for up to five million passengers a year. The main building with Piers H and J will begin operating by 2023, increasing T3’s total capacity to 21 million passengers.

May 3rd 2019

The Best Cultural Experiences in Germany

Visitors will be spoilt for choice by the number of cultural experiences in Germany when deciding what to do and see during a trip.

May 2nd 2019

Frankfurt airport trials talking head AI assistant

An information portal at Frankfurt Airport known as “Franny” features a literal “talking head” that presumably makes asking questions a little less robotic.

April 30th 2019

Poor No More, but Still Sexy? Berlin Seeks Its Art World Niche

Most of the World War II bullet holes have been filled in, the legendary 1990s rave venues redeveloped. Rents are rising, and so are block after block of luxury apartments. Tech start-ups are flourishing.

April 24th 2019

Frankfurt – traditional business centre

Culturally diverse, elegant, sporty and green – these are just some of the different elements that make Frankfurt a cosmopolitan host city for many events.

April 24th 2019

The History of The German Language

There are in total 4 European countries where German is the official language. Germany Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. This adds up to a staggering 100 million people speaking the language making it the most widely spoken language in Europe. German rank as the 6th most popular language in the world, so it is definitely a language it is worth learning regardless if you relocate to Germany or not. The history of the German language dates back to around 2,000 B.C.

April 21st 2019


From borough to borough, living in Berlin offers an endless array of cultural and historical pleasures to be found, but while some neighborhoods have been written about and explored to death (not to say they aren’t still amazing), others are still a haven for those who forge their own paths in Berlin.

April 17th 2019

Smart sensors and novel nanomaterials draw crowds in Berlin

Silicon nanomaterials that squeeze 40% more energy into batteries. A smart watch that gives people with diabetes a pain-free way of tracking their blood glucose levels. “Smart” sensors that help prevent repetitive strain injuries and diagnose faults in remote equipment. A replacement for toxic chemicals in flame-retardant materials. These are just a few examples of the innovations discussed in Berlin

April 16th 2019

Property boom boosts Germans' wealth - Bundesbank

A boom in property prices is boosting private wealth in Germany but it remains unevenly distributed across the country, a Bundesbank study showed on Monday.

April 15th 2019

Why Expats Choose Germany Over Other Destinations to Live & Work

Are you considering moving to Germany to live and work, but cannot get over the edge to make the actual move? Whatever the reason might be, moving abroad, especially if you are alone, can be challenging, time consuming and expensive. However, despite the limitations, most of the time moving abroad can be a large step towards career and personal growth.

April 14th 2019

Why Germany’s cities are catching the eye of foreign investors

Four of Germany’s big cities are proving to be increasingly popular for international real estate investment.

April 11th 2019

11 tips for spring in Berlin

It doesn't look like it yet, but spring is definitely coming. And then we want to be prepared for the first warming rays of the sun. That is why we are already showing you our best tips for spring in Berlin. From events and tips for excursions to our favorite places in Berlin, everything is there. The motto is: finally outside again!

April 9th 2019

A Growing Real Estate Scene in Berlin

As one of the most important and influential capital cities in the world, there are many reasons why real estate investors should pay attention to Berlin’s property market

April 8th 2019

14 facts you never knew about the Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is a military monument that has come to symbolize peace and unity. Here are a few facts about the iconic monument that you probably won't know.

April 5th 2019

Berlin Property Market: Long-term Investors Can Make Over 300% Profit

The property market is booming

April 3rd 2019

Studying in Germany: Seven unusual academic traditions

From 'academic knocking' to funny formalities, the Local guides you through some of the strangest German academic traditions

April 2nd 2019

Germany in demand with international real estate buyers

Real estate in German cities is increasingly in demand among non-German buyers

April 1st 2019

31 Reasons Why You Should Live In Berlin At Least Once In Your Life

Berlin is one of the best destinations in the world for tourists, businesses and its lucky natives

March 28th 2019

Berlin is exciting nights

Berlin's combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise all those keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history.

March 27th 2019

Volkswagen and Amazon Team Up to Create an Industrial Cloud

The world’s biggest carmaker and the everything store are teaming up

March 26th 2019

The different types of higher education in Germany

Keen on studying in Deutschland but not sure what type of university or college is right for you? A lot of it depends on what exactly you want to study.

March 26th 2019

The different types of higher education in Germany

Keen on studying in Deutschland but not sure what type of university or college is right for you? A lot of it depends on what exactly you want to study.

March 25th 2019

The 10 coolest tech startups to work for in Germany in 2019

Germany is one of the developing startup ecosystems in Europe. The Deutschland is home to several innovative tech startups founded by talented and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to disrupt the market with their concepts.

March 21st 2019

The Best Cities in Germany for Expats

As the fourth largest economy in the world, there is little wonder that Germany is a popular destination for ex-pats to settle in.

March 19th 2019

Berlin: Gap between the city centre and the outskirts

Rent levels and the share of housing costs strongly depend on the spatial location. The most favourable conditions are predominantly in the large housing estates of the 1960s to 1980s.

March 18th 2019

10 surprising things you never knew about FrankfurtRheinMain

Frankfurt isn’t as diverse as Berlin? It’s too sleepy to rival Hamburg’s raucous nightlife? It can’t rival Munich’s great outdoors? The German finance capital is often characterized as provincial. But a closer look shows that it has great things to offer.

March 18th 2019

10 surprising things you never knew about FrankfurtRheinMain

Frankfurt isn’t as diverse as Berlin? It’s too sleepy to rival Hamburg’s raucous nightlife? It can’t rival Munich’s great outdoors? The German finance capital is often characterized as provincial. But a closer look shows that it has great things to offer.

March 17th 2019

Business as usual: rents and prices rise

While the upward trend in rent levels is somewhat slowing down, it continues unabated with double-digit growth rates for condominiums and apartment buildings.

March 14th 2019

How Frankfurt is benefiting from Brexit

As there are still no definitive signs to show whether the UK will leave the EU in less than three weeks, continental European cities are benefiting from this uncertainty.

March 13th 2019

Perspectives on Berlin

If you come to Berlin in ten years’ time, the city will have five million inhabitants

March 12th 2019

The city of Berlin. The upswing continues

Berlin remains one of Germany’s most dynamic cities. Population and economic output have been rising continuously for many years - as has the need for living space.

March 12th 2019

Hottest Areas

The district of Mitte is one of Berlin’s most expensive, where you can buy a historic property, an “Altbau” built between 1890 and 1920, for an average of €6,700 per square meter. For the very newest, however, you will pay an average of €8,300 per square meter.

March 7th 2019

Tech Boom

Berlin has established itself in international competition as one of the prime locations for high-tech

March 6th 2019

Berlin: Europe’s Best-Kept Secret for Luxury Real Estate

A guide to buying and living in the surging German city

March 4th 2019


Claire Locke, Knight Frank’s account manager for Germany, shares her knowledge and insights on Berlin’s residential market.

March 3rd 2019

Berlin to spend €28 billion on improving public transport

The Berlin Senate has laid out the future of public transport in the city. The centrepiece of the plan is an injection of €28 billion over the next 15 years - although continued fee hikes have been forecast

February 28th 2019

Berlin rents rise above record €10 per square metre

Berlin rents continue to rise. A new report shows that the average price has cracked the €10 per square metre mark for the first time, with further increases forecast.

February 27th 2019

Berlin: a sanctuary for property investors spooked by Brexit

The state of a country’s property market is a bellwether of its economic health and political stability. Unsurprising, then, that Brexit uncertainty has ground London’s market to a halt.

February 26th 2019

2019 European Hotel Valuation Index

European hotel rooms see strong growth in value with gains across most cities

February 24th 2019

Social Security and employee benefits in Germany for Expats

Expats in Germany can make use of the generous German social security and employee benefits.

February 21st 2019

Berlin’s Growing Neighborhoods

3 areas attracting more high-end buyers

February 20th 2019

Where in Germany rents are rising rapidly: Report

Rent prices across nine German cities rose by more than 50 percent between 2005 and 2018, according to a new report

February 19th 2019

Germany ranks as best European country for startups

Germany’s strong economy, easy access to venture capital, low cost of conducting business, and well-educated population helped the Bundesrepublik top the list of best European countries for new companies

February 17th 2019

Germany likely to extend buyers’ premium for electric cars – report

Germany looks set to maintain financial incentives to buy electric vehicles, despite disappointing uptake, and may even increase subsidies in the most polluted cities, according to media reports.

February 14th 2019

15 Things to See and Do in Berlin

Where to Go in Berlin

February 13th 2019

Get a Scholarship

Since October 2014 Germany has offered free tuition fees for all students irrespective of their residency and regardless of how low the tuition fees might have been in the past. All fees are now waived allowing students to use their meagre finances to help with the cost of living.

February 12th 2019

Cycling in Berlin

Cycling in Berlin is a significant form of transport in the German capital where around 500,000 daily bike riders accounted for 13% of total traffic in 2010

February 11th 2019

Five Reasons That Make Germany Most Popular Study Destination

Did you know that in recent years, various changes have taken place that have made Germany most popular study destination not only in Europe, but in the world?

February 10th 2019

More Master Of Finance Students Are Choosing Frankfurt Over London

While Brexit looms over London, Frankfurt's premier business school has seen a boom in applications to its Master of Finance program

February 6th 2019

Germany invests in faster trains for Amsterdam-Berlin route

German railway company Deutsche Bahn has ordered new high speed trains for the route between Amsterdam and Berlin which will come into operation in four years time.

February 5th 2019

Coffee from Berlin has a unique recycling signature

Over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. The popularity of coffee to go has resulted in a sharp increase in waste. A young entrepreneur from Berlin has come up with a unique way to tackle this issue.

February 5th 2019

Investors flock to Frankfurt as Brexit bites in London

German cities experience rapid rise in property investment since the UK's vote to leave the European Union

February 3rd 2019

Sundar Pichai opens new Google Berlin office with YouTube Space coming this year

In addition to stateside developments in recent months, Google continues to expand its campuses overseas. Sundar Pichai today opened new offices in Berlin for up to 300 Googlers working on AI, Cloud, YouTube, and more.

January 31st 2019

Berlin is your key information platform

Fruit Logistica underscores its status as an information platform with a high quality support programme

January 30th 2019

International cities attract Chinese property investors

In recent years, countries all over the world have experienced a great deal of change in the property markets in their largest cities and Germany is no exception.

January 29th 2019

18 Weird German Words You Won’t Believe Exist

The road to German fluency is full of twists and turns. Thanks to its lifelong love affair with compound nouns, the German language has smashed all manner of words together to form new, unique vocabulary.

January 27th 2019

Schools for Children

As an expat if you decide to move your family including your children to Germany with you, it is important to be aware of different schools in Germany which you can enroll your child.

January 24th 2019

Germany and China plot to turn Frankfurt into EU finance powerhouse after Brexit

CHINA is attempting to woo German banks to open up in Beijing as the two countries commit to strengthening each other’s financial sectors in the post-Brexit world.

January 23rd 2019

Google's New Berlin Office Home To AI Researchers

Google's new Berlin office, launched on Tuesday by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, contains a number of artificial intelligence researchers and engineers

January 23rd 2019

Berlin Television Tower

An iconic symbol of Germany’s capital city

January 22nd 2019

Logistics real estate to remain on investor shopping lists in 2019

Foreign investors increase their investment volume on balance in 2018

January 20th 2019

University of Birmingham and Germany's BAM launch new partnership

The University of Birmingham has signed an agreement with Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung - BAM) - that will see them working together across a number of key research fields.

January 17th 2019

With Brexit on the horizon, Frankfurt’s office market breaks records

Large commercial deals pushed 2018 transaction volume to €10.4B

January 16th 2019

Berlin Area Guides: Where to Live

Berlin’s top neighbourhoods

January 15th 2019

EasyJet launches dozens of new flights in Germany, taking on Lufthansa in wake of Air Berlin demise

The airline already flies from Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport but will next year start operating from the city’s Tegel airport too

January 13th 2019

International Green Week Berlin

18 - 27 January 2019 The International Green Week in Berlin is considered the world's biggest consumer fair for the food, agricultural, and horticultural industries.

January 10th 2019

Destination Profile: Germany

Whether you are moving abroad, traveling for work, or just going on vacation, it is always comforting to know the basics before you arrive.

January 10th 2019

German inflation slows in December 2018

Inflation in Germany eased sharply in December, according to preliminary data published Friday, marking a second month of slowing price gains.

January 8th 2019

Developers tapping artificial intelligence to create sustainable workplaces

With technology changing how and where we work, property developers are tapping artificial intelligence to create more sustainable workplaces

January 8th 2019

German cities still dominate Emerging Trends Europe’s top 10 picks for 2019

Given that Europe’s property industry prizes the safety of scale, liquidity, and growing economies, it is no surprise that German cities still dominate Emerging Trends Europe’s top 10 picks for 2019

January 4th 2019

When It Comes to Building Anew, Frankfurt Looks to the Past

Frankfurt's just opened "new old town" district is the latest in a string of reconstruction projects that aim to revive Germany's rich architectural heritage

January 4th 2019

Berlin Protects Clubs and Nightlife—Why Doesn’t London?

If London doesn’t learn to value and protect nightlife, the city that birthed drum ‘n bass, the Rolling Stones, and Ronnie Scott’s will lose its diversity.

January 3rd 2019

Brexit POWER grab: Frankfurt poised to swipe £711BILLION worth of assets from London

GERMANY is poised to swipe a mammoth £711 billion (€800 billion) worth of assets from London as lenders shift operations to Frankfurt ahead of Brexit.

December 31st 2018

Why Germany? The destination of choice for Singaporean investors

Traditionally, Germany has not been a priority market for Singaporean overseas property investors. Most Singaporeans usually look at the UK, Australia and the US when it comes to purchasing a second home or an investment property overseas. However, in the space of the last few years, more and more discerning investors have been increasingly looking at other countries such as Germany, as they look to diversify their property portfolios and mitigate risk.

December 28th 2018

The Best New Year's Eve Celebrations in Germany

The love that many Germans have for boisterous public parties and celebrations is evident in many German festivals, and it comes as no surprise that the country boasts some of the most spectacular public New Year’s Eve (Germans call it “Silvester”) celebrations in Europe.

December 19th 2018

Frankfurt: From imperial fair hub to emerging fintech capital of Europe

Ahead of their talks at TechWeek Frankfurt, Cecilia Fernandez de Cordoba, DevOps transformation Lead for Deutsche Bank’s retail arm, and Steffen Mueller, Senior Manager Cloud Sales Strategy for T-Systems, explain why Frankfurt is fit for business

December 19th 2018

Why Study for an Art Degree in Berlin

Many prospective international students who plan to complete an arts degree don’t even consider Berlin as a possible study abroad destination.

December 17th 2018

Berlin the latest German city to experiment with going car free

Berlin’s Friedrichstraße is set to go car free one Saturday afternoon in December. With the fallout from the diesel scandal continuing and cycle use increasing, could this be a sign of the future for Germany’s urban centres?

December 16th 2018

Frankfurt on 'probation' as Europe's new banking hub, city booster says

Hubertus Vath of Frankfurt Main Finance touts the German economy, the city's infrastructure, competitive costs and the ECB headquarters

December 13th 2018

Christmas Market at Gedächtniskirche in Charlottenburg

This Christmas market in the centre of Berlin-West is worth a visit while shopping on Berlin's famous Kurfürstendamm.

December 12th 2018

Berlin’s startup ecosystem at a glance

If you are a startup enthusiast in Europe, then Berlin is the place to be.

December 11th 2018

Study in Germany for free: What you need to know

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world. But you can study there for free. If you want to learn more, check out our list of frequently asked questions about tuition fees in Germany:

December 10th 2018

Opportunities for Expats in Germany

There is a huge range of opportunities for skilled expats in Germany, the world’s fifth largest economy, and a number of reasons to support this.

December 9th 2018

10 ways Frankfurt has changed from being dull to dynamic

If you're a banker about to be sent from London to Frankfurt, don't worry! "Mainhatten" is now a thriving cultural hub, argues the Frankfurt Expat blog.

December 6th 2018

10 things only those who lived in Germany understand

Germany has way more to offer than amazing cars, cozy Biergartens, and picturesque castles: The country in the heart of Europe also boasts a high quality of life, and metropolises like Berlin and Munich regularly show up in the top 10 rankings of the most livable cities in the world. There are also a few things that make living in Germany very unique – and definitely add to all of that high-quality environment.

December 5th 2018

Germany Student Visa

When accepted by a university in Germany, three months before you intend to go to the country you should ensure that you apply for a student visa

December 4th 2018

Europe’s vibrant office markets set to cool

Office property markets will remain buoyant in Europe’s 20 largest cities in 2018-22, though rents will rise less rapidly than they have in recent years, with Berlin set for the biggest increase and London the smallest, says Scope.

December 3rd 2018

Frankfurt confident it is the big Brexit-relocation winner: Special report

London remains the world's number one finance hub. But is Frankfurt catching up as bank after bank relocated from the UK because of Brexit 'passporting' fears?

December 2nd 2018

The Best Christmas Markets In Germany

Forget cars, the German Christmas market is the perfect Northern European invention.

November 28th 2018

Buying property as an investment in Germany: Taxes and tenant rights

For expats who plan to stay in Germany longer than a few years, purchasing a house or apartment as an investment may be an attractive option.

November 27th 2018

Top reasons why Berlin is one of the best cities for Expats!

Berlin is loved by its locals, expats and students. Here are some reasons why!

November 26th 2018

Why is Germany becoming the most preferred place to study: 5 reasons why Indians should study in Germany

These 5 reasons will motivate you to study in Germany.

November 25th 2018

German education ministry plans reform to boost financial support for students: report

Germany's Education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) aims to increase financial support for students and plans to reform a law that regulates subsidies for education (BAfoG), newspapers of the German Funke media group report with reference to a draft paper from the ministry on Tuesday.

November 22nd 2018

How Germany celebrates Christmas

A Christmas visit to Germans: which rituals are important and why potato salad is part of the festivities.

November 21st 2018

Berlin to establish S-Bahn vehicle pool as competitive tendering looms

THE states of Berlin and Brandenburg have agreed to form a vehicle pool for the acquisition and ownership of new rolling stock for the Berlin S-Bahn network.

November 20th 2018

Frankfurt: From imperial fair hub to emerging fintech capital of Europe

Ahead of their talks at TechWeek Frankfurt, Cecilia Fernandez de Cordoba, DevOps transformation Lead for Deutsche Bank’s retail arm, and Steffen Mueller, Senior Manager Cloud Sales Strategy for T-Systems, explain why Frankfurt is fit for business

November 19th 2018

100 years later, Germany calls the 8-hour working day into question

Working eight hours a day has become a regular occurrence in Germany, as the long history demonstrates. But the reality of working hours has changed. Should it be updated?

November 18th 2018

Berlin’s student housing prices are soaring insanely high

Since 2010, the cost of student housing in Berlin has risen 67.3 percent. According to a recent report by the German Economic Institute, rent prices for flats in university cities throughout the country have increased between 9.8 percent to a whopping 67.3.

November 15th 2018

German Business Culture: 5 Steps to Cross-cultural Success

Doing business in another country can be a real challenge. For Dutch companies, Germany is often the first foreign market they choose to address. It’s big, financially sound and culturally not that different from the Netherlands. But is that really true?

November 13th 2018

Germany Targets ‘Thousands’ of Brexit Bankers for Frankfurt

Germany will lure thousands of finance jobs to Frankfurt from London after Britain exits the European Union -- if the country’s Finance Ministry gets its way.

November 12th 2018

Berlin property market

Berlin’s real estate market is the most active in Europe. The number of people living here is growing by about 40,000 every year.

November 12th 2018

Open a Company in Germany – 5 Reasons Why

Germany offers ample opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to open a company in the country. It was ranked as the 20th best for ease of doing business in the world, by the World Bank. Opening a business in Germany offers many benefits and, in this article, we will explore some of the reasons you should be consider opening your company in Germany.

November 11th 2018

Pining for Christmas already? Experience your very own winter wonderland in Berlin

Few places do festive like the capital city of Germany.

November 7th 2018

Rents for student flats rising in German university cities

Students in Germany currently have to pay up to two thirds more for their apartments than they used to in 2010, a study by the German Economic Institute (IW) published on Monday shows.

November 6th 2018

€600 million for Berlin – Siemens signs future pact for Germany

Siemens is making a strong commitment to Germany, and Berlin. At the Siemens industrial estate in Berlin's Spandau district, Siemens is planning on making its biggest single investment ever in the company's history in Berlin.

November 5th 2018

Retiring in Germany – What To Expect

There are ample benefits for foreigners wishing to retire in Germany. Apart from the usual advantages like discounts and priority in products and services, retirees in Germany can usually enjoy a very high standard of living. In this article, we will highlight the main perks gained when retiring in Germany.

November 4th 2018

International Students in Germany

Germany is one of the leading locations for international students. International students Germany discover the benefits of German universities include top quality standards of teaching combined with low fees for tuition, high living standards and secure campus sites.

October 31st 2018

Why pressure is growing on German government to cut your taxes

Few countries in the developed world have as high a tax burden as Germany. As the state coffers continue to grow, pressure is increasing on the government to relieve the taxpayer.

October 29th 2018

Soaring German housing costs leave Merkel vulnerable

Property prices a big campaign theme for Hesse poll as CDU looks to cling on to power

October 29th 2018

Rich and sexy: Booming Berlin is driving up real estate prices

It was one of the last vacant plots in Berlin’s trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg – a prime location nestled between historical buildings and in direct vicinity of shops, restaurants and the heavily frequented U2 subway line.

October 28th 2018

Berlin #1 as left-field cities prove popular

According to this year’s ‘Best Student City’ ranking by one of Europe’s leading think tanks focused on the future of accommodation, Berlin is again the continent’s favourite for full time students.

October 24th 2018

Made in Germany: Opel celebrates 120 years of automobiles

Opel is one of the carmakers with the richest tradition in the world. Next year, the brand will celebrate 120 years of automobiles

October 23rd 2018

CyrusOne to build extra data centres in London and Frankfurt

The company boosted its European presence with the acquisition of Zenium, and the new builds will be added to other rapid expansion across the group’s global footprint.

October 22nd 2018

The Berlin Market Is Booming but Still Has Plenty of Room to Grow

Population growth, a thriving startup culture and housing scarcity mean real estate prices should continue to rise

October 21st 2018

Innovation Awards Presented At Automechanika Frankfurt 2018

An acoustic camera, an augmented-reality training tool and an air-conditioning system that works without chemical refrigerants were among the winners of the 2018 Automechanika Innovation Awards. Presented on Sept. 11 at Automechanika Frankfurt 2018, the awards went to 10 winners, chosen from a total of 120 entries.

October 17th 2018

Seven German words which stem from Arabic

The relationship between the Christian and Muslim worlds has long been significant. For millennia, they have traded and fought, and introduced new concepts and commodities to each other. The humble apple strudel, for instance, was most likely brought to the Germanic world by the Ottomans. It's therefore not surprising that many European words, including those in German, can be traced back to Arabic.

October 17th 2018

5 Destinations to Visit in Germany this Winter

Germany is packed with beautiful and unique destinations, offering its residents and tourists memorable and rewarding experiences. When it comes to picking which place to visit, it’s not uncommon to be unsure which to choose. In this article, we will give you top five destinations that are a must visit this winter.

October 14th 2018

German Business Culture: "No sense of humor!"

"Many people say that Germans don't have a sense of humor. Is that true or is it a stereotype?" John Otto Magee helps Americans and Germans to understand each other

October 14th 2018

Student housing prices in Germany increasing up to 70 percent: study

Flats in university cities in Germany are becoming increasingly more expensive. Since 2010, prices have risen between 9.8 percent (Griefswald) and 67.3 percent (Berlin), according to a student price index published on Monday by the German Economic Institute in Cologne.

October 11th 2018

Volkswagen to end production of iconic Beetle

The car manufacturer announces it will cease production of the Beetle in July 2019.

October 10th 2018


Experience German culture at its best with a day at a local Oktoberfest, the annual celebration of beer, sausages and oompah bands that originated in Munich.

October 9th 2018

Berlin’s property market attracting more Qatari investors

Berlin’s real estate market is emerging as one of the most favourite destinations for Qatari investors compared to any other big European cities due to several positive and attractive factors the German city ensures to the property owners, said a senior official of a Berlin-based real estate services provider, yesterday.

October 9th 2018

Why Frankfurt residents may end up resenting London bankers

There's little sign of a flood of London-based bankers and traders in Frankfurt yet, but the expectation that they'll arrive sometime soon hasn't gone away. When they do, it could cause problems for Frankfurt's existing inhabitants.

October 7th 2018

Solo Relocation – 8 Perks Gained From The Experience

Moving abroad is no easy task, especially if you intend on relocating alone. There are many barriers and challenges that expats experience along their journey, however, there are also many benefits gained from such experience.

October 3rd 2018

Government agrees to fix diesel cars, introduce rebates

Faced with regional elections and diesel bans, lawmakers finally agreed on how to cut diesel emissions. Carmakers slammed the brakes, though, with some refusing to refit older diesel models.

October 2nd 2018

Berlin property prices have seen strong growth in the last five years

Mainstream and prime property prices in Berlin have recorded strong growth over the last five year due to a shortage of new supply, an expanding population, a strong economy and a robust labour market, says a new report.

October 1st 2018

Frankfurt is leading city for banks moving ahead of Brexit

Frankfurt is leading the pack among European financial hubs in wooing London-based banks on the eve of Brexit, extending its headway over Paris according to data published on Monday.

September 26th 2018

3 Benefits of Having an Expat Job

In most of our previous articles, we mainly focus on the challenges related when relocating abroad and how to tackle them. However, in this article, we will be focusing of the perks associated with having an expat job in the new home country.

September 26th 2018

Frankfurt headhunters report rising interest from British bankers

As Brexit approaches and British bankers contemplate a new reality in which client-facing people in the U.K. will have minimal access to clients in Europe, headhunters in Frankfurt say calls and applications from London are becoming more frequent.

September 25th 2018

Germany plans tax incentives to encourage housing construction

The German government plans to back new tax incentives on Wednesday to encourage private developers to build new rental flats in a drive to tackle a drastic shortage of affordable housing aggravated by a record influx of refugees and migrants.

September 24th 2018

Buying property as an investment in Germany: Taxes and tenant rights

For expats who plan to stay in Germany longer than a few years, purchasing a house or apartment as an investment may be an attractive option. If you are considering purchasing a buy-to-let property, here is what you should know about making the investment, taxes and tenant rights.

September 24th 2018

Here are subsidies you can get for buying property in Germany

There are billions of euros available to help homebuyers in Germany, especially first-time buyers and those with children or disabilities. But be prepared to hack through thickets of bureaucracy.

September 20th 2018

Top German festivals 2018

O’zapft is! With over 10,000 German festivals, Germany offers marvel to everyone from book lovers to beer drinkers. Here are the festivals in Germany that you shouldn't miss in 2018.

September 18th 2018

Hometown: the trio of uber-cool German cities driving tourists beyond Berlin

Winter breaks series: Germany’s economy is booming and with it their tourism. We asked citizens of Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt why their cities are such great places to visit

September 18th 2018

In graphs: Number of international students in Germany quickly growing

The number of international students in Germany is increasing, with about a 7-8 percent annual growth over the past eight years, according to statistics provided to The Local Germany from

September 14th 2018

Checklist For Inexperienced Expats – 3 Month Plan

Moving abroad, whether it is for working, studying or simply, a change of location, is no easy task. Especially for inexperienced travellers, moving for the first time abroad. In order to facilitate the moving process, we provided a guide that will serve as a checklist of what needs to be done prior your move. Since the moving process is generally quite time consuming, we recommend that you start planning well in advance.

September 13th 2018

What Germans do in their free time

Reading is out, surfing is in. How do Germans really spend their extra time? A recent survey found out.

September 10th 2018

Foreign students in Germany: why they come and if they plan to stay

Many of the world’s best and brightest come to Germany to study - but why? A study seen exclusively by The Local took a deeper look at the profile of the country's prospective international students.

September 10th 2018

As property booms, Berlin is a victim of its own success

Tens of thousands of people move to the German capital every year, stretching a once-relaxed housing market to the breaking point.

September 6th 2018

Top 10 most popular Sport in Germany!

September 5th 2018

Brexit relocation plans fuelling Frankfurt office market

The office market in Frankfurt has experienced a boom throughout 2017. Real-estate firms suggest that financial institutions relocating as a result of Brexit are influencing the market in the city.

September 5th 2018

Germany Work Visa, Environment & Ethics

Expats coming from the European Union do not need to apply for a visa to Work in Germany. Other countries with the same agreements include, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland and America.

September 2nd 2018

Which European cities have confidence of real estate investors?

Which cities in Europe are investors most interested in? Investors confidence in real estate has broken through to have a far more optimistic outlook throughout Europe, suggests new research.

September 2nd 2018

Why Berlin’s public transport payment system might just be more modern than London's

For new visitors to the German capital - or indeed any German city - the first interactions with the public transport infrastructure can be surprising.

September 2nd 2018

Everything that changes in Germany in September 2018

From better working conditions to more efficient light bulbs, here's what'll be different in Germany in September 2018.

August 30th 2018

5 Reasons Why You Should Relocate Germany

Moving abroad has many benefits, especially in terms of personal and career growth. But this also varies depending on which country you decide to relocate you. Germany is one of the top 10 destinations for expats to relocate. In this article, you will find five of the many reasons why you should choose Germany as your relocation destination.

August 29th 2018

Information for new Berliners

Some consider it to be the capital of startups and creative people, for others, it is a multicultural metropolis with a high leisure and entertainment value – welcome to Berlin!

August 28th 2018

Volkswagen to offer all-electric car-sharing from 2019 in Berlin

German auto giant Volkswagen said Thursday it would launch an all-electric car-sharing service in Berlin next year, hoping to show off new models and break into a fast-growing market.

August 22nd 2018

Why Was the Berlin Wall Built?

August 22nd 2018

Grand plan for Franco-German AI research taking shape

Germany plans to play catch-up with China and the US by forging an alliance with France to research artificial intelligence. Angela Merkel’s party wants the cross-border project to be on the scale of Airbus.

August 21st 2018

Finding a Job in Germany

The process of searching for a job will largely depend on the type of industry and role being sought by the applicant. Much like in other countries, Job Centres are run by government agencies, which provide a wide variety of job listings to browse.

August 19th 2018

‘Safe haven’ Germany extends its lead over European residential investment in 2018

With house price and rent growth expected to remain strong through 2018, Germany continues to be Europe's top pick for overseas property investors.

August 19th 2018

Shipping your Pet to Germany

Pets are such lovely companions. Many people simply can’t do without them. When it comes to pet shipping Germany, like most countries, has rules.

August 16th 2018

Frankfurt property boom not dependent on Brexit

Above-average residential growth in Germany's finance capital benefited from Britain's EU referendum, but Brexit isn't the only reason behind Frankfurt's success.

August 13th 2018

A young population and a buzzy hi-tech economy: you should invest in property in Berlin.

With a young population, a culture of renting, a buzzing hi-tech economy and a good quality of living, Berlin’s property market has recently found a new lease of life.

August 8th 2018

UAE investors will find Germany a winning destination

International property investors are now eyeing German cities that have recorded a spectacular growth in the last decade.

August 8th 2018

Best Relocating Tips Told by Expats

Moving abroad is never easy, as it entails many processes in it, some complex more than others. However, like in anything, experience equips you with the right knowledge that is likely to facilitate your next move. If you did not gain the required experience yet, worry not, as in this article, we compiled a list with the top tips recommended by expats moving abroad.

August 8th 2018

Transaction volume expected to match previous year’s level

Sale of the Hilton Berlin is Germany’s largest ever individual hotel transaction.

August 5th 2018

A Student’s Transition to Germany

Germany’s unique characteristics makes the country exciting and interesting for anyone wanting to move there. Every year thousands of students relocate to Germany, in order to further their studies and receive internationally recognised qualifications. Apart from that, Germany boasts the best economy in Europe, in combination with a high quality of life and standard of living. In this article we will take a look at what its like to move to Germany and what the necessary first steps are, from a student’s perspective.

August 2nd 2018

Berlin Office Boom Beats Frankfurt as Tech Scene Woos Buyers

Berlin has surpassed Frankfurt as the country’s hottest market.

July 31st 2018

Haier's Frankfurt listing bolsters Europe-China ties

But mainland companies still struggle to raise capital on the continent

July 31st 2018

10 Astonishing Historical Facts About Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz as we know it today has become incredibly popular for people of all ages for a number of reasons, and is a gathering point for Berlin natives as well for tourists. It offers a variety of attractions, including shopping, foods, and a well-connected center point for Berlin’s transportation system — however, the history of Alexanderplatz is not well known. Here we explore the historical secrets of this long-time Berlin icon.

July 30th 2018

How Frankfurt became Mainhattan

“… in analogy to Frankfurt’s Mainhattan skyline, downtown New York is often called Manhattan,” wrote author Andreas Neumeister a few years ago in his book “Könnte Köln sein.” What may sound like an easy punchline of ever-present city marketing, describes a phenomenon that has been mentioned over and over again: Frankfurt is the most American of all large European cities.

July 30th 2018

Berlin real estate sales reach record €18 billion in 2017

Last year, buyers paid a record-breaking sum for apartments, houses and plots of land in the German capital, according to a report. The most expensive apartment sold last year set its new owner back €8.2 million.

July 26th 2018

Become a Freelancer in Germany

9 Easy Steps

July 25th 2018

Eight reasons that Germany’s Autobahn is so much better than US highways

From unrestricted speed limits to rarely seeing the police, here's why the Western European country's setup is superior.

July 23rd 2018

Health Care In Germany Equals High Quality Care

All of Germany residents have the opportunity to experience excellent health care in Germany. The universal access available makes healthy living readily yours. It is probably the best in all the world.

July 18th 2018

The Advantages of Studying in Germany

The German university system has held a place of great importance for prospective students for hundreds of years. Reflecting the impressive scientific, philosophical and musical achievements of the nation, German universities have a proud history of producing high numbers of Nobel prize winners. Studying in Germany today means experiencing this high-class education system.

July 18th 2018

Higher education in Germany

Are you planning to do your master/bachelor degrees in Germany? Considering further studies and another degree?

July 17th 2018

13 Free Things to Do in Berlin

This post provides 13 ideas to enjoy Berlin absolutely for free, with a few almost free ideas mixed in. This is the best city in the world for a lot of reasons but mostly because no matter where you come from you can enjoy this city on whatever budget and at whatever pace you choose.

July 12th 2018

LifestyleTrend & Living Medical Emergency in Germany? Here is what to do

What to do in case of emergency in Germany? Not feeling well or have family or friends need quick medical attention? Unfortunately, most of the time. these things occur when we least expect them and catch us off guard. However, in some cases, the quick thinking and the right resources can be the difference between life and death. In this article, you can find useful tips you can use in case an emergency arises, while you are in Germany.

July 10th 2018

The best experiences in Berlin

From museum hopping and hanging with hippos in Berlin zoo to picnicking in an abandoned airport and scoping out city views from an erstwhile Cold War radio station, Berlin does not lack for fun and quirky activities. Telegraph Travel's destination expert Paul Sullivan gives the low-down on the best things to do in Berlin.

July 9th 2018

Vocational Training in Germany? 4 Reasons Why

Vocational training around the globe is increasing in many industries in the recent years. Not too long ago, this type of training mainly focused on employees working in the welding or automotive industry. However, nowadays, you can find it in most sectors and is used to enhance the workplace quality and service. To sum it up, vocational training is education solely for the type of trade that the person wants to pursue. In this article we explore four reasons why you should consider doing your vocational training in Germany.

July 9th 2018

Three things we learned in Frankfurt

Although the summer holiday season is in full swing, the financial industry in Frankfurt still seems to be running at full speed. Following our trip to the German financial hub last week, here are the three main themes that came up during conversations with fund selectors and portfolio managers.

July 5th 2018

The best shopping in Berlin

From luxury stationary boutiques to artisanal tea stores, Berlin has plenty to offer even the most discerning shoppers. Foodies are especially spoilt for choice, with farmer's markets crammed with the finest local produce and zany chocolatiers. Telegraph Travel's Paul Sullivan provides the ultimate guide to shopping in Berlin

July 5th 2018

For bankers transplanted by Brexit, a guide to life in Frankfurt

Big banks, trade fairs, and sterile skyscrapers: That’s the landscape that comes to mind when most people think of Frankfurt. And while it’s true that Frankfurt is Germany’s suit-filled business capital—nearly one in five residents works in the financial sector—the city has become increasingly cool, with ambitious restaurants in the red-light district and hipster-friendly boutique hotels popping up alongside old-school pubs that pour apple wine.

July 2nd 2018

Luisenpark Berlin-Mitte: cultured urban living right in the heart of Berlin

A new residential quarter between two of Berlin's most iconic squares puts the best of Germany's capital at your feet.

July 2nd 2018

Barclays moving up to 50 investment bankers to Frankfurt ahead of Brexit

The UK bank has previously said it is moving between 150 to 200 people to its business in Dublin, which has an EU banking licence and will be its main base for trading in the bloc after Britain’s withdrawal.

June 27th 2018

Move over luxury cars, Germany wants to trial flying taxis

Germany, land of the no-holds-barred Autobahn, is pushing the next level of transportation: flying cars.

June 26th 2018

Company Formation In Germany – Which one to choose?

Setting up a company in Germany is a very exiting process. Germany is home to Europe’s largest economy and is renowned for its high standard of living. Due to this, every year, many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) go to Germany to open a business due to the many benefits that come along. In this article, you can find the top company formation options available in Germany.

June 25th 2018

Frankfurt most well-connected airport in Europe as UK falls behind

Frankfurt airport is Europe's top-ranked airport in terms of connectivity after expansion by Lufthansa and new low-cost entrants such as Ryanair, according to the ACI Europe airports association on Tuesday.

June 20th 2018

Tesla is looking at Germany for a new Gigafactory

There has been a lot of talk about Tesla soon announcing a new Gigafactory in China as the company confirmed discussions with the Shanghai government to build a plant in their Free-Trade Zone.

June 18th 2018

German cities free to ban older diesel cars immediately

BERLIN -- German cities are entitled to ban older diesel vehicles from streets with immediate effect to bring air pollution levels in line with European Union rules, Germany's top administrative court confirmed on Friday.

June 18th 2018

Germany Scraps Plans to Send High Speed Trains to the UK by 2020

Despite early preparations, the expansion of the German state railway company, due around 2020, has reportedly been derailed by “significant changes” in the economic environment. However, when commenting on the issue, the firm has avoided mentioning the B-word as having been among the reasons.

June 13th 2018

Cycling in Berlin

Since I moved to Berlin in 2012, I started using a bike as my main mode of transportation and, for most of the time, I love it. For those watching from the bike lanes, Berlin might seem like a piece of heaven for bikes.

June 13th 2018

International students love Berlin! Here’s why:

International students love Berlin! Here’s why: Berlin is Germany’s capital and largest city. With many universities, its multicultural city life, diverse cultural offering, exciting startup scene, this bustling metropolis is one of the best places you can choose to study abroad. Want to learn more about what makes Berlin such an exciting university town?

June 12th 2018

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The new splendour of City Wes

Locals in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf are happy to leave other districts to don the mantle of the party place. They’d rather head the rankings as a touch more elegant and traditionally stylish than elsewhere in Berlin – as you can tell from the side streets of impressive town houses around the Kurfürstendamm boulevard and the resplendent villas in the leafy Grunewald district.

June 6th 2018

Business in Germany – Expat’s Guide

Germany is one of the best business destinations in the world. Thousands of expats relocate to the country every year looking to expand and grow their careers. Having the largest economy in Europe and an excellent standard of living, Germany grants expats access to ample business opportunities. We provide a guide to ease the process of doing business in Germany.

June 6th 2018

Delta Hotels moves into Europe with Frankfurt opening

Delta Hotels, part of Marriott International, has launched Delta Hotels by Marriott Frankfurt Offenbach, marking the European debut of the hotel brand.

June 4th 2018

CCT to buy prime Frankfurt property for 343m euros, raise at least S$212m via private placement

CAPITALAND Commercial Trust (CCT) is buying a majority stake in a prime Frankfurt property for 342.7 million euros (S$548.3 million), which will be partially funded through an equity placement of at least $212 million.

June 4th 2018

The German housing market in 2018

Price and rent outlook for Berlin and Frankfurt.

May 31st 2018

A Guide To The Cost Of Living In Frankfurt

While German salaries may seem low for many from the Anglosphere, purchasing power is in fact quite high. This means you can attain a great quality of life in Germany for less.

May 30th 2018

Green-field investment from China creates 2,600 jobs in Germany 2017: study

Green-field investment from China created 2,600 jobs in Germany last year, a study from the Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) showed on Thursday.

May 29th 2018

8 of the best things to do in Frankfurt this summer

When you think of Germany, you immediately think of Berlin. It’s the capital and it’s steeped in history so it’s an obvious choice for a city break. But drive a few hours west and you’ll stumble across Germany’s true hidden gem, Frankfurt au Main, which will make you wonder why you hadn’t visited sooner.

May 23rd 2018

A Wonderful Lifestyle in Berlin, Germany

John Sklute, a retired English professor from California, has lived just about everywhere—from sunny Spain to spacious Sweden. So when he says that Berlin has a special something, you know he’s done the legwork.

May 22nd 2018

Cost of living in Berlin is rising

Tens of thousands of new residents move to Berlin each year, and the property investors are following. The city famously dubbed 'poor but sexy' by a former mayor is becoming a lot more expensive to live in.

May 22nd 2018

Cost of living in Frankfurt am Main

These prices are based on abundant and consistent data. They are very reliable. They are based on 438 prices entered by 81 different people. Latest price update: May 22, 2018.

May 16th 2018

How to Be More German: The German Way of Life and Its Particularities

What makes the German way of life, well, German? Here are five main differences that stand out right away, especially compared with the U.S.

May 14th 2018

EPRA: Germany overtakes UK as Europe’s largest listed property market

The value of Germany’s listed real estate market surpassed that of the UK by 7.2% during the first quarter of the year due to an outperformance by German real estate stocks.

May 14th 2018

Foreign investments in Germany

Germany’s doors are open to companies and individuals looking to invest capital there, with the Government focused on boosting employment growth. The only practical limitation on doing so is a requirement to seek Government permission, in advance, for the sale of firms in the defence industry to overseas buyers.

May 13th 2018

Amazon announces over 2,000 new jobs in Germany this year

Online retail giant Amazon announced on Friday its plans to fill over 2,000 vacant positions in Germany in 2018.

May 9th 2018

Business Etiquette In Germany – 5 Tips

Home to the largest economy in the European Union, Germany offers ample work and business opportunities to its expats. Hundreds of thousands of qualified expats move to Germany every year to grow and expand their career. Like in any other nation, the Germans have their own ways and traits that they are used to and it helps if you know what they are in order to adapt. This will likely increase your chance for success. In this article we discuss the top 5 tips with regards to German business etiquette and how to stay on the right side of the Germans.

May 8th 2018

Berlin: An Art Scene and a City in Flux

BERLIN — “We choose what is intense, even if we don’t like it,” said Jonas Burgert, an artist based in Berlin, pausing, bemused, in front of a stainless steel buffet unit spouting luridly pigmented water on the gallery floor.

May 7th 2018

44 Interesting Facts About Germany

Do you think you know a lot of things about Germany? Here are some interesting facts that you might never heard before.

May 6th 2018

Germany in top spot for entrepreneurship in 2018 world ranking

While Germany remained at the top of the list in the entrepreneurship category in this year’s U.S. News Best Countries ranking, it came in third place in the overall category.

May 3rd 2018

The city break... Frankfurt: Spend 48 hours in Germany's vibrant city amid soaring towers and medieval treasures

Something remarkable is taking place close to the skyscrapers of Frankfurt’s financial heart. The city is recreating a medieval quarter, and it is set to open this year. It’s just one more compelling reason to visit this vibrant German city….

May 1st 2018

The World's Hottest Property Markets

Anybody who decided to invest in an apartment in Berlin around the turn of the century will probably be sitting on a small fortune by now.

April 30th 2018

Kreuzberg: The Bohemian heart of Berlin

After the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the city was reunited, residents of West Berlin flocked to the east, where apartments and retail space were plentiful and comparatively cheap.

April 24th 2018

Frankfurt leads fintech revolution

Frankfurt is firmly establishing itself as the capital of Europe’s fintech industry. The city is home to the new Fintech Europe programme, which is being delivered through the iconic Silicon Valley accelerator platform, Plug and Play, in collaboration with TechQuartier – a startup hub in Frankfurt. And five corporate partners have been confirmed today for Fintech Europe: Aareal Bank, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank and NETS Group.

April 24th 2018

Bubble? What Bubble? Says $16 Billion German Property Firm

German home prices are rising at the fastest pace in decades, reviving talk of a property bubble. Michael Zahn’s company owns more than 160,000 apartments and he’s having none of it.

April 21st 2018

69 Fun Facts About Germany

Germany, the country of beer, sausages, and Oktoberfest is an interesting country no doubt. With so much going on there (or shall I say here!), it surely calls for an interesting facts post. So here’s not ten, or twenty, but sixty-nine (neunundsechzig!) fun facts about Germany!

April 18th 2018

Berlin takes lead: 2 million affordable apartments lacking in Germany

The nation’s capital has a problem that it shares with 76 other major cities in Germany. According to a study published on Monday, Berlin leads the way as the German metropolis with the largest shortage of affordable apartments.

April 16th 2018

Berlin named most 'fun' city in the world

Berlin has pipped London to the title of “most fun” city in a poll of travellers.

April 13th 2018

Studying abroad in Frankfurt as an International Student

Apart from being Germanys most expensive city Frankfurt am Mein is the largest financial center in the continental Europe and home to several large commercial banks.

April 13th 2018

Berlin's lively tech scene helps its office boom beat Frankfurt's

Last year, investors spent more on commercial real estate in the capital than anywhere else in Germany

April 13th 2018

Berlin has the fastest rising house prices in the world, study finds

Berlin ranks first in front of cities like Hong Kong, Paris and London when it comes to rising real estate prices, a study released on Tuesday found. Three other German cities also made it into the top ten.

April 10th 2018

The Top 7 Universities in Berlin

A renowned hub for artistic creativity and home to some of the richest and most eventful history in Europe, Berlin is many things. The city that brings us a thriving underground techno scene and a culturally diverse populace is also known for some of its world-renowned universities, making its own mark in the arena of higher education. Here are the top seven you need to know.

April 2nd 2018

The most beautiful places in Berlin

Berlin’s not exactly known for being beautiful, perhaps because street art and derelict buildings are something of an acquired taste, and decades of division, wars, and David Hasselhoff concerts have left their scars.

March 28th 2018

Berlin - Mitte

With the government district, Museum Island, the main railway station, numerous boutiques, and the start-up scene hotspots all close at hand, Berlin-Mitte boasts the perfect combination of metropolitan flair and local neighborhood atmosphere.

March 27th 2018

Landlords Shed No Tears Over Broken German Housing Market

Property prices are expected to rise amid dwindling housing supply, increasing demand

March 27th 2018

Destination Profile: Germany

Whether you are moving abroad, traveling for work, or just going on vacation, it is always comforting to know the basics before you arrive.

March 27th 2018

Why It’s a Good Idea to Invest in Germany

Germany holds the title of the biggest European market.

March 21st 2018

Frankfurt woos London bankers

The Brexit dividend pitch

March 16th 2018

Frankfurt: cosmopolitan living in Germany's most international city

Frankfurt has been named one of Europe's top cities for investment and development in 2018.

March 16th 2018

Top neighborhoods in Frankfurt recommended for Expats

Frankfurt is an exciting, interesting, lively, beautiful and warm city to live and work in. This city is a major hub for businesses and many expats and students move to Frankfurt to further grow with their careers.

March 16th 2018

Berlin boost sees investment prospects soar

Few European cities have seen as much change as Berlin.

July 14th 2017

Brexit brings house price surge to Frankfurt as 'commuting' London bankers prepare to move

Brexit is fuelling a surge in house prices in Frankfurt as London bankers in prepare to relocate there ahead of the March 2019 leave deadline.

April 26th 2017

Why Berlin is Europe’s best place to live, work and buy real estate?

There is a new buzz in the Berlin air. The grim, wounded city once cast adrift in the ocean of Communist Germany has now turned into a thriving global capital that draws investors, companies and a talented workforce from across the world.

April 24th 2017

Now is the time to invest in Berlin property

Berlin is a popular city for investors, but this year saw the German capital reach new heights when it was named the hottest tip for residential property in Europe by international consulting and auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.