Buying Process


Buying Property via Berlin Estates
Berlin Estates has come to agreements with reputable English-speaking professionals based in Germany to offer complete services and peace of mind to our clients.

Our “One Stop Shop” concept means that our clients will have a complete range of services ranging from finding the property, to arranging the financing, getting the accounting and legal advice and any other service required. Please note that specialized tax/accounting advice, over and above the standard procedural advice, maybe chargeable by our associates.

Lawyer's assistance - Notary
For the buyer’s protection, an English speaking lawyer will handle all procedural and formal steps necessary for the assignment of the reserved real estate property and consult the buyer regarding the purchase and any questions you may have. A large size Germany-based International Law Firm can be introduced to investment companies or HNWI looking for an international law firm to assist them in the set up and execution of their German investments.
An appointment with the Notary Public and lawyer for signing the Deed will be set. It is a very convenient procedure which makes the investment secure.

Financing foreigners who are not residents in Germany and who do not have income in Germany is possible and very common. Our financing associates can provide a fixed interest rate ranging from 2.50% to 3.50%, fixed for a period of 10 years, with flexible repayment terms (June 2022) for single apartment purchases depending on each client’s specific details. Large investors will be directly introduced to key financing people of all major German banks so as to find the most suitable financing solution satisfying their investment needs.

Accountant – Tax consultant
We can introduce you to a reliable English speaking accountancy/tax-consulting firm, that can assist you on all accounting and tax issues.

Management of the property
Berlin Estates can recommend and introduce you to English-speaking management companies to deal with the management issues related to the property. A management company is the first contact for the tenant in case that he needs any kind of assistance in relation to the apartment. In general, the management company will do anything that has to be done with regard to the apartment without bothering the owner.

Berlin Estates assistance
Our aim is to make sure that you make a sound and secure investment. We will provide you with a list of selected properties at prime locations from Germany's finest developers and estate agents that we cooperate with and we'll give you the necessary information to help you make the right decision. Our team of trustworthy Germany-based experts will guide you to make the investment process easy and safe.

Investment companies and HNWI looking for larger properties (commercial buildings, residential buildings, logistics centers, hotels or land) can rest assured that our team through its extensive network will provide a variety of options to satisfy their investment criteria.