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Berlin Estates was specifically set up to provide consultancy, assistance and professional support to foreign companies, investment funds and individuals, who would like to invest in real estate in Germany with emphasis on the Berlin real estate market.

Berlin is a city with huge potential and offers the opportunity for an ideal investment to those who want to invest in properties abroad at very logical prices with good yields in a safe environment. Berlin offers the ideal diversification to foreigners who want to include in their portfolio a safe property investment in a select location at the capital city of Europe's strongest economy.

Other large, but also smaller German cities, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Mainz and Düsseldorf also offer huge potential and have been identified by our experts as attractive hotspots for investments. We offer a variety of properties in many major German cities.

Berlin Estates has created a OneStopShop in which people who are interested to invest in Germany will have a full range of professional services under the umbrella of Berlin Estates. There is no need to waste any time trying to find a suitable accountant, a trustworthy lawyer or the right bank to accept to finance your purchase. We have done this research for you. 

Berlin Estates has come to agreements with reputable lawyers, accountants, financiers, banks, developers, estate agents and management companies so as to offer complete services to international investors who would like to invest in German properties. Our company's Managing Director, Mr. Simos Hamboullas has been actively involved with the German real estate market since 2007 and is conducting extensive market research to make sure that each one of our clients will make the best possible investment according to his needs and requirements. Our direct relation and on-going communication with some of Germany's biggest developers and real estate agents ensures that we are always in a position to give information and provide access to the best projects as soon as they are in the market.

In addition to off-plan, new or renovated single apartments, we are also in a position to provide opportunities like whole tenanted buildings, commercial spaces, land and hotels and we can propose project development opportunities with excellent ROI. 

The consultancy fees payable by the buyers, always depend on the cooperating party in Germany and they could range from as low as 0% up to a maximum of 6%+VAT. These are rates similarly charged by German consultants. Berlin Estates will always inform you in advance about the consultancy fees that would be charged, depending on the project. In some cases that full inside fee structure is provided by the developer, the buyers do not have to pay any fees to Berlin Estates or its associates, on top of the price.

However, in addition to the services offered by a German sales company, we can offer you the experience and insight of international investors, an experience acquired over many years of investing in Germany. Berlin Estates will provide the contacts details and introductions to trusted professionals that we know and have been dealing with for many years, so as to make sure the service is impeccable and the investment is secure.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at any time by email at "info at"